1. Your Bridal Details

You don’t want to wait to the last minute to gather all your details. I love these bridal bags because they’re perfect for putting all your details in ready to go and be photographed by the photographer upon arrival on the morning of your wedding day. Inside you’ll want to pack your shoes, jewelry, all the rings, wedding invites and your full stationary suite if you have one including the envelopes and any custom stamps, your wedding vows, etc. etc!

2. Your Vows

I’ve seen this happen time and time again as a photographer. Do not wait until the morning of your wedding day to write your wedding vows. I’ve seen brides lock themselves in the bathroom or master bedroom to get away from the crowd. If you write your vows way ahead of time, you can then enjoy the company of your guests with one less thing to do and one less thing to stress about! Plus, you can practice your vows and make sure you’re ready for that moment.

3. Gifts

Gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, mom and dad, make sure it’s all wrapped, labeled, packed and ready to go so you can easily transport them to your getting ready location.

4. Gratuities and Thank You’s

Thank you cards with gratuities for your vendors is something you will hand off to your planner or someone you trust to deliver them to all the vendors during the reception for working so hard and doing an exceptional job! This will be one last thing on your To Do List!

5. Marriage License

Don’t forget to make it official in your state! I’ve seen this happen twice at a wedding where someone forgot to bring the marriage license. Make sure to pack this one!

The more prepared you are and organized, the less stress you have on the morning of your wedding day! And the more smoothly the rest of the day will be.





5 Things you should pack before the morning of your wedding

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