Impeccable service and loving attention to detail.

I happen to believe that in addition to talent, skill and experience as a photographer, delivering a one-of-a-kind, forever-remembered wedding comes down to providing...

you want that I’m-on-cloud-nine feeling of joy be captured beautifully, to cherish forever. But you’re looking for something way beyond the standard, every-other-bride-has-them shots you’ve seen all over the web.

On this extraordinary wedding day of yours...

Rachael Koscica Photography

My husband Daniel and I met in college and photography is what brought us together. It is one of the reasons we fell in love. We have enjoyed shooting weddings together for over the past ten years. We dated for six years, married for seven and we have two beautiful children. Violet is almost three years old and we welcomed our son Micah in December of 2023.

sister, artist

Rachael Koscica Photography

With a talent scholarship from the Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from Arizona State University. Studying fine art photography from ASU was the perfect foundation for photographing weddings and creating images that evoke emotion and capturing all the beauty that make up a wedding day.

i have a bachelors degree of fine arts in photography from arizona state university

Rachael Koscica Photography

One of the most exciting aspects of photographing your wedding are capturing the in between candid moments that tell your unique story. I arrive to the wedding day filled with inspiration as I watch the day unfold and capturing the amazing people you have around you.. It's about capturing the love, joy, emotion, excitement, action and unexpected moments.

the candid moments

Rachael Koscica Photography

Romantic and authentic feeling portraits that capture your love and the beauty that surrounds you on the wedding day is part of my signature style. Most couples say they are not great in front of the camera but I've seen time and time again, when you create a comfortable atmosphere in front of the camera you will feel confident knowing I will make sure you look amazing in each and every shot. 

the romantic portraits

Rachael Koscica Photography

Family photos are more than just a list of people on a piece of paper. These are the precious and important people in your lives that have supported and loved you throughout your life which makes these photos extra special on the wedding day. My job is to help guide you and your family during the family photos to make it feel easy,  effortless and enjoyable resulting in photos that are so beautiful to frame that you will be proud to share with future generations.

The family Photos

Rachael Koscica Photography

I love photographing the details and capturing the design elements of your wedding that are unique to your celebration. These detail shots add to the overall look and feel of the wedding day and capture the beautiful setting before guests arrive.

the details

Rachael Koscica Photography

During the ceremony and reception is purely documentary style to capture the action, emotion, guests and special events in the most authentic way. From the moment guests arrive, to walking down the aisle or your first dance, these storytelling images transport you back to your experience to relive it and remember forever.

The ceremony & reception

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