"I honestly don't know where to begin - Rachael is one of a kind. She was without a doubt the most professional vendor we worked with throughout our destination wedding planning. She was extremely responsive, personable, and a joy to work with. Rachael went above and beyond. Rachael always has a smile on her face and the kindest spirit that will put you at ease immediately during the chaos that the wedding day can bring. On top of all of this, her photography skills are outstanding. We are beyond thrilled with the photographs. I highly recommend hiring Rachael for your wedding - our day would not have been the same without her!" - Emily and Craig

"Her photography skills are OUTSTANDING."

"We have so much appreciation and gratitude for Rachael and her work! We’re lucky that we had her. She was patient, kind, thoughtful and overall extremely easy to work with. The photos from our event turned out phenomenally and surpassed or highest expectations. I would highly recommend Rachael as a photographer to any couple out there who seeks an artist who will meet their requests, stay calm and cheerful, bring out your individuality, and who will make sure that everything turns out perfectly. With Rachael as our photographer, we had one less worry on our wedding day. We never imagined that photographs could make us so emotional and bring us back to our special day!"
- Amy and James

"We had one less WORRY on our wedding day"

"Rachael is absolutely OUTSTANDING. She is friendly, professional, sincere, and such a joy to work with. She makes the whole process so easy and fun, while delivering the highest quality product. My husband and I both loved working with her. And not only does she achieve all of this, she is SO organized. She puts in the time and effort to plan all the details out so pictures on your big day is a breeze. For me, this was huge. I knew I could depend on her and stressing about our photographer or pictures never once crossed my mind. We got all our wedding pictures back and they are just stunning. We could not have asked for more gorgeous photos to capture our special day. I highly, highly, recommend choosing Rachael as your photographer, you will never look back!"
- Audrey and Nick

"Stressing about our pictures never ONCE crossed my mind."

"What a blessing Rachael was. Our wedding seemed effortless in large part to her. She was spirited, sweet, passionately excited, professional, able to handle groups for pictures, and always had a smile on her face. Rachael captured us perfectly. She made us feel incredibly comfortable at every single moment throughout the day. We had a brunch wedding, and many photographers were scared to do shots at noon (when light isn't the best) but Rachael didn't say a thing about it and every single picture turned out amazing. To this day my husband still raves about how much he loved Rachael. If there was any money well spent on our wedding day, it was hiring Rachael. We love every single picture. Thank you."
- Liz and Ryan

"Every single picture turned out amazing"

"We could not have found a better photographer to capture our day than Rachael. We loved working with her and love our photos SO much! Rachael did everything for us... our engagement photos, our wedding and she even helped me plan and capture a surprise boudoir shoot. She was so kind throughout the entire process and patient/flexible as we had to work around my husband's crazy pilot schedule every step of the way. All my guests tell me that Rachael was fantastic and worked hard to ensure she didn't miss a single moment throughout our ceremony and reception. I highly recommend Rachael. She's the best!" - Liz and Steve

"She didn't miss
a SINGLE moment."

"If I could give Rachael 10 stars, I certainly would. We met with a few other photographers before Rachael and immediately fell in love when we met her! She has one of the sweetest souls I've ever met. She has such a calm, collected nature that made me as a bride feel very relaxed. Along with her awesome personality, she has the most amazing photography work I've ever seen! We have received so many compliments on our photographs from Rachael. She is very responsive and a very hard worker. I never once saw Rachael without a smile on her face and she came up with creative and fun ways to still get the shots despite the horrible weather. I definitely recommend Rachael Koscica! We plan on utilizing her to continue capturing our images as a married couple. Thank you for capturing our vision perfectly." 
- Caitlin and Nic

"Thank you for capturing our VISION perfectly."

"Hiring Rachael was the best decisions we made for our wedding. The entire planning process was effortless - Rachael's ability to put me at ease was exactly what I needed trying to plan an out-of-state wedding. I loved Rachael's portfolio from the beginning – her fine art aesthetic and use of natural light was unique in a sea of wedding photographers. She was always punctual and professional throughout the process; scouting out locations before our engagement shoot and responding to every email with enthusiasm and positivity. Rachael got us laughing and having fun in a matter of minutes. I still get compliments from family and friends about how amazing our photos turned out. Photography was the #1 priority for the wedding and to this day, zero regrets!" - LaurieAnn and Phillip

"Photography was the #1 priority, zero regrets."

"My husband and I agreed photography was an essential part of our wedding. We wanted to take our time to find a talented and professional photographer. Rachael fits the bill! She has a gifted eye and can capture unique photos that take your breath away, all while putting you at ease and blending into the background of your special day. I loved her presence at our wedding and treasure the memories she captured for us." - Kalie and Jeremy

"Our experience with her was above and beyond. She shot our engagement photos and when we saw those, we thought there is no way pictures could get any better! That changed when she shot our rehearsal dinner and wedding. She captured us, our family and loved ones in our true light and character which is what we asked. The pictures were not only beautiful, but they captured the emotions that were felt on each day. Her work not only exceeds expectations but her personality is warm and sweet. My husband and I were intimidated to be taking photos and Rachael made us feel so comfortable as if it was a natural thing! We had so much fun with her and she made us laugh and enjoy ourselves. For anyone planning an upcoming wedding or event, look no further than Rachael as she delivers nothing but perfection for your special time." - Sarah and Joe

"Captured the EMOTIONS that were felt."

"Rachael was an absolute dream to work with. From our initial meeting, Rachel did an amazing job making my husband and I feel at ease with the whole process. She is incredibly organized and professional, while maintaining such a calm, relaxed demeanor that made us feel so comfortable. We have such happy memories of our wedding day thanks to Rachael making it so easy and enjoyable to get our photos taken! AND her photography is phenomenal. My husband and I could not be more pleased with our wedding (and engagement!) photos, and we are so thankful we made the decision to hire Rachael. She is kind, hard working, talented, fastidious, warm, communicative, and SO positive! Thank you for everything Rachael!"
- Hayley and Daniel

"Rachael was an absolute dream to work with."

"Unique photos that take your breath away."

"From the moment my husband and I met Rachael and worked with her, we knew we had made the right choice. From start to finish, Rachael's professionalism, attention to detail and presentation were impeccable. Rachael's photos speak for themselves and she is incredibly talented. She is one of the best photographers I've ever encountered. Choosing to work with Rachael was the best choice we made for our wedding and one decision that I'd make over and over again. I can also confidently say that my husband and family would 100% agree - working with Rachael was definitely a favorite of theirs and my wedding planners as well. If you're interested in booking Rachael, please don't hesitate a moment longer - I promise, you won't be disappointed!" - Maggie and Jonah

"The BEST CHOICE we made for our wedding."

"Working with Rachael was beyond a great experience. I met with/interviewed over 10 photographers in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area for our wedding. We were planning our wedding from Chicago at the time and within minutes I knew she would be our photographer - her personality and energy made me so excited and looking at her previous portfolio of wedding photos was just breathtaking. We were obsessed with all of our engagement photos. The wedding photos were another beyond amazing experience. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to decide which photos to print and frame because there are just so many great photos - all amazing quality! They were such a joy to work with - their professionalism, photographer skills, and just overall fun personality make the experience so enjoyable."
- Shelby and Charlie

"Within minutes I knew she would be our photographer."

"I loved working with Rachael. She made everything professional yet comfortable the whole entire process. I’m one who expects perfection when hiring a photographer and for my wedding the photographer had to be the one to run the show and that is what I got. Rachael and her assistant made everything run so smoothly from the photography to the schedule she made sure everything ran on time. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I interviewed 4 different photographers aside from her and she was by far the most qualified on every aspect. Thank you Rachael for capturing my special engagement and Wedding day. YOU ARE THE BEST. Personality, Professional and Loving! Can’t wait to work with you again." - Kendall and Tal

"I don’t know what I would have done without her." 

"Personality is key when selecting a photographer - Rachael has a kind personality and warm smile that put us at ease on what could have been a very stressful day. It is very important to have a skilled photographer to capture some of those priceless, yet fleeting, moments. Rachael managed to take a particular photo of my brother and me with interlocked arms, merrily dancing with glow-sticks on our necks at night time; and I can’t describe how life-like it feels. Rachael captured the essence of that moment and one that will resonate with me for years to come. She has a very natural style and didn’t distract us or our guests. The finished album and photos were very professional and exactly what we were looking for, allowing us to relive those special moments. We were very pleased with Rachael and highly recommend her to others seeking a professional, friendly and talented photographer!"
- Ruth and Jake

"Rachael captured the essence of that moment"

"Rachael Koscica Photography is the MOST amazing photographer. She has such a warm personality and true confidence in her work. We were nervous but Rachael's expertise and humor put us at ease. The communication, planning, and execution of services was truly top notch. She made every step in the process easy and FUN. We absolutely adore the images she provided from our session and can't wait to use her amazing services again in the future. Thank you SO much Rachael!" - Monica and Jonathan

"The communication, planning, and execution of services was truly top notch."

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